SLC/502 Connectivity to AB’s DH-485


Ethernet/IP to DH-485
GW1500-ABEIP-DH-485:  Ethernet/IP & AB Ethernet to DH-485 Interfaces up to 5 Ethernet/IP connections to multiple SLC 5/02s on DH-485 


Ethernet PLC programming and graphical user interfaces (GUIs and MMIs) such as RSLINX, RSLOGIX, Wonderware, Kepware, Intellution, Citect, CTC Interact to access SLC 5/02s on DH-485.


Ethernet /IP connections can include also include up to 5 Compactlogix, Micrologix, Flexlogix, Controllogix and PLC5E and any other PLC with Ethernet/IP connectivity. 

GW1500 Product Line

AB’s DH+

AB’s DH-485