RSLogix to DH+, DH-485 and Ethernet

DataLink interfaces RSLogix to DH+, DH-485, & Ethernet: RSLogix 5000, (RSLogics, RSLogic), RSView, Controllogix, Compactlogix, Flexlogix, Softlogix.

RSLogix 5000 Interface via DataLink GW1000 (DF1 protocol) to AB’s DH+, DH-485, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, AB Ethernet (2222) protocols

Use DataLink Product to establish Gateway.

Use the following chart to help choose what DataLink product works best in your application.

- Connect to DH+ with DataLink product below: Connect to
DataLink product
Ethernet TCP/IP GW1000-ABEIP GW1000-ABEIP-DG-485
Ethernet IP GW1000-ABEIP GW1000-ABEIP
DF1 GW1000-DHP1 Replacement to AB 1770-KF2. GW1000-DHP1Replacement to AB 1770-KF3.

RSLogix 5000 Overview

RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software is designed to work with the Rockwell Automation Logix platforms: ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, FlexLogix®, SoftLogix5800® and DriveLogix®. With RSLogix™ 5000 Enterprise Series software, you need only one software package for sequential, process, drive, and motion control programming. The RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series environment offers an easy-to-use, IEC61131-6 compliant interface, symbolic programming with structures and arrays, and a comprehensive instruction set that serves many types of applications. It supports relay ladder, structured text, function block diagram, and sequential function chart editors for you to develop application programs. Additionally, RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series provides support for the S88 equipment phase state model for batch and machine control applications via the PhaseManager™ optional feature. RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software also includes axis configuration and programming support for motion control. Your selection of modules and network configuration determines what software packages you need to configure and program your system.