RSLINX Via Ethernet to PLC 5/20

Q. I have a PLC 5/15 in a moving crane. I want to be able to monitor the ladder wireless instead of riding the crane. The PLC only has a 9 pin DH+ connection. Could you please give me any suggestions?

A. Thank you for your inquiry.  We have a PLC 5/25 in our lab and it has two ports labelled “Peer Communication Interface”.  One is a D9 connector, and the other is a screw terminal connection.  Internally, these two connectors are wired together.  In any case, regardless of the connector, both are for DH+.
Our GW1000-ABEIP product will accept Allen Bradley ethernet protocol and Ethernet/IP protocol and convert to DH+.  The most common application is to use Allen Bradley’s RSLinx software for communication drivers coupled with a data acquisition package of some sort.
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