Monitor PLC 5/25 via DH+ to Ethernet

Q. I am looking to use the DataLink GW1000-ABEIP to monitor data from a PLC525 into RSLinx.  I need some way to convert DH+ to ethernet, will this work in that capacity?  If not do you have any device that will work for me?
A. Our GW1000 is a multi-protocol gateway which can easily be converted to several protocols (ie. DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP Ethernet, AB Ethernet or Ethernet/IP to mutliple DH+ nodes).
You may wish to program via RSLINX (AB Ethernet driver) remotely over Ethernet with our GW1000-ABEIP or switch to RSLINX (1770-KF2 driver) serial DF1 to DH+.  In Ethernet mode, the GW1000 also has the ability to communicate with 5 Ethernet connection simultaneously to DH+ (ie. upto 5 RSLINX workstations, SLC 5/05, Compactlogix etc. connections)  Please see quote and ordering details below.
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