Product Announcement:


Next Generation DataLink GW1500 Multi-Protocol Converter

Bridging legacy Allen-Bradley’s DH+/DH-485 to Serial & Latest Ethernet Technologies 

$1,395 USD list.

GW1500 Multi-Protocol AB DH+/DH-485 Gateway

We are pleased to announce the release of  the new GW1500 DH+/ DH-485 multi-protocol platform that provide enhancements to the hardware and software of the existing GW1000 platform.

GW1500 Enhancements  include:

  •  Ethernet and serial packet handling
  •  Routing and processing algorithms
  • Increased signal levels on the DH+ transmitter.
  • Supporting more protocols with improved multi-Ethernet connections (5) per GW1000 for Ethernet/IP and ModTCP.
  • Easier configuration and set-up with enhanced webscreens
  • Debug capability for control applications.

Multi-Protocol Gateway:

The GW1500 can be converted between several protocols with an easy firmware change (DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP, AB Ethernet, Ethernet/IP) to multiple DH+ /DH-485 nodes.

You may wish to program RSLINX remotely with our GW1500-ABEIP or switch firmware to RSLINX (1770-KF2) serial DF1 to DH+ using our GW1500-DHP1.

All protocols are available in one GW1500 Gateway for $1,395 USD list.

GW1500 Product Line

AB’s DH+

AB’s DH-485

For more details: Application Notes & User’s Manual

This next generation platform takes the GW1000 architecture to the next level of an already proven technology.  Upgrades for existing GW1000 users are available at a discount rate.

All our products come with 30 day trial, no restocking charge & 5 year warranty