Q. How do I configure the GW1000?

A. This can be done via Telnet or Webscreens.  Check out our application notes section for more product information with screen shots.

Q. What is your return Policy?

A. We have a 30 day trial / no restocking charges and 5 year warranty on all products.

Q. Why should I buy your product?

A. We provide a cost effective altnerative to AB products, and our Ethernet to DH+ , GW1000/1500 ABEIP can save you money by leaving your existing DH+ /DH-485 PLCs in place.  We have thousands of GW1000s working in plants across the world!

Q. How do I change firmware in GW1000?

A. Contact us and we can email you the latest firmware.  In the web screens, there is an easy upload procedure that takes 15 seconds!

Q. How do I power the GW1000?

A. The GW1000 has both AC and DC power options.  You may also use the USB power option if you are on the plant floor programming.

Q. What do you mean by multi-protocol gateway?

A. One GW1000 gateway can be changed to multiple firmware (DF1, Modbus, ASCII,  Ethernet/IP, AB Ethernet or Modbus TCP) to DH+ or DH-485.   All for  the same price of $1,250 USD list.

Q. Where do I purchase this?

A. We have a strong relationship with AB Distributors so please contact them or direct with us is fine too.

Q: I just bought a new PC and discovered that it has a smaller PCI slot that the 1784-PKTx card doesn’t support. Can you help me out?
A: We can provide an external, palm-sized, USB GW1000 controller to solve that problem. Our products are: GW1000-DHP1 , GW1000-DHPA and GW1000-DHPM.

Q: How do I interface a legacy PLC5 / SLC 5/04 on DH+ to AB’s Ethernet/IP or Ethernet TCP/IP?
A: GW1000-ABEIP will allow RSlinx & RSLogix to access DH+ via Ethernet TCP/IP.
A:Our GW1000 will allow RSlinx & RSLogix to access DH+ via AB’s Ethernet/IP.

Q: Why would I go with your GW1000-ABEIP (Ethernet/IP gateway to DH+) instead of upgrading all my AB Equipment (ie. PLC5s) to Ethernet/IP?
A: Cost. You only need one GW1000 per DH+. You don’t have to upgrade each PLC5 processor on DH+ to a PLC5E . This can save significant money if you have a big DH+ Network. This functionality allows RSLinx/RSLogix on Ethernet/IP have access to all the nodes on your DH+.

Q: How can I interface newer AB PLCs to DH+ (Data Highway Plus)?
A: GW1000-DHP1 will interface via Channel 0 Micrologix, Compactlogix, Controllogix, and SLC 5/05 to DH+.

Q: Why would I buy a GW1000-DHP1 instead of an Allen-Bradley (AB) 1770-KF2?
A: Some of the advantages of the  GW1000-DHP1 include:
Value: 33% less expensive than comparable Allen-Bradley products.
High Speed: Communicate serially and over DH+ at speeds up to 230.4 Kbaud
Features: the most compact, portable, light (2.2lbs) free-standing gateway available.

Q: What applications are GW1000′s used in?
A: GW1000 applications include PLC programming, MMIs, SCADA. GW1000′s have also been used in many modem applications for remote PLC programming. GW1000 products have been proven and tested with most popular industrial software packages.

Q: Will GW1000 products work with Allen-Bradley SLCs as well as PLC5s?
A: Yes, the GW1000 is transparent to most DF1 commands and can communicate with any device on DH+ including PCs, MMIs, PLC2s, PLC3s, PLC5s, SLC5/04s, etc.

Q: I have a unique application requiring connectivity to Allen-Bradley networks. Do you support custom solutions?
A: If one of GW1000′s existing products does not meet your needs, we will work with you to design, develop, test, and support a new custom solution. Our engineers have become experts at developing interface solutions for many companies including Siemens and Toshiba. Call us to discuss your application at no obligation.

Q: Where can I get an A-B DF1 protocol driver to interface to the GW1000?
A: Most commercial PLC programming and MMI software already have the necessary DF1 driver included with the product, or available as an option. Please contact us for information.

Q: Where can I find technical details on A-B DF1 protocol?
A: In A-B Publication 1770-6.5.16 Data Highway / Data Highway Plus / DH485 Communication Protocol and Command Set.

Q: What type of cabling is required for your products?
A: All products include a 3-pin Euro/Phoenix connector but the standard “Blue Hose” is required to connect to DH+/RIO. We can provide the 6 ft cables and adaptors that connect GW1000 products to a 9 pin or 25 pin serial port (PC).