Data Highway 485 (DH-485)

DH-485 Industrial Local Area Network Overview

DataLink Product Selection Chart:

Use the following chart to help choose what DL product works best in your application.

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Ethernet TCP/IP GW1000-485EIP
Ethernet IP GW1000-485EIP

DH485 is a local area network (LAN) designed for factory-floor applications. DH-485 allows for connection up to 32 devices, including SLC 500 and MicroLogix 1000 controllers, color graphics systems, and personal computers. The DH485 link together with auxiliary RS-232-C (DF1 protocol) links make up the DH-485 network. With RSLinx software installed on a PC, communication with other nodes on the network is possible. Using SLC 500 Programming Software, program SLC 500 controllers over the DH485 network. This means that a single PC connected to the network can be used to program all the SLC 500 controllers on the network. Options on each interface allow for easy reconfiguration of the network when it changes.


  • Cable type: Belden 3106A
  • Trunkline length: 4000 ft max.
  • Transmission rate: 19.2 kbit/s max.
  • Medium access method: token passing

Typical Configuration