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Telemecanique Magelis HMI to AB PLC 5 on DH+

I would like pricing and more information on the GW1000-ABEIP. I have an application where I want to connect a Telemecanique Magelis HMI and a PC running custom software using ethernet to a Allen Bradley PLC5 on DH+. How does the GW1000ABEIP route to the specific DH+ nodes? Is this configurable? Do I use CIP [...]

Ethernet/IP to SLC 5/02 on DH-485

I want to discard my 1747_pic converter for good and communicate to my SLC 5/02 which communicates using the PIC Driver etc. I believe this is the correct product to use to communicate using ethernet/ip driver in laptop to your device then out your device into  rj45 port of plc. Thank you for your inquiry.  The SLC 5/02 [...]

Redundant SCADA server to DH+ PLCs

1. Will this device work as a common connection from redundant SCADA servers to DH+ PLCs (PLC5)? Both SCADA servers are on-line and poll simultaneously. Yes, up to 4 connections are supported 2. Will this device work with servers running MS Server 2008? Please consult your software vendor for compatibility with MS server 2008. 3. [...]

GW1000-ABEIP-DH-485 Controllogix to DH-485

Q. We have a customer wanting to connect PCs on Ethernet/IP (A-B) to SLCs on DH-485. Also to connect C-Logix on Ethernet/IP to SLCs on dh-485. I believe the DL-GW1000-ABEIP-DH-485 is the device? A. Since DH485 is becoming less popular over the years, we have removed the circuitry required to support DH485 signal levels.  The [...]

RSLogix 500/RSLINX Download/Upload to SLC 5/04

Q.Will GW1000-ABEIP allow download/upload and online monitoring with RSLogix500/RSLinx to SLC 504 over Ethernet?  Looks like it, but “sending data” is not always the same as programming software connection. A. Yes, going online and programming a SLC 5/04 processor is a very common application for our GW1000-ABEIP.  Please see the GW1000-ABEIP application notes l