1784-PKTX Replacements

Datalink – External Protocol Converter
GW1000-DHP1 Datalink – DF1 to DH+ Network (DH+ DF1). Alternative / Replacement for 1770-KF2, 1784-P(KTX) – (1784-PKTX, 1784-KTX), 1784-PCMK or SST 5136-SD.

The 1784PKTX (INTERFACE CARD PCI BUS W/DH+ DH485 RIO SCANNER PLC) is manufactured by Allen Bradley.

1784-PKTX Background information

Rockwell Automation 1784-PKTx family PCI cards connect PCs to PLC controllers on Data Highway Plus (DH+) or SLC processors on DH-485 networks for easy programming and data acquisition. I/O scanner functionality is also available in the cards so they can be used with soft-control or embedded-control engines. And, because these cards incorporate the Universal PCI Card Standard, they are compatible with almost any PC. If general programming, configuration, and monitoring capabilities via an industrial or desktop PC are required, these cards are a necessity.Your 1784-PKTx network interface card (cat. nos. 1784-PKTX and 1784-PKTXD) is a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) universal card that must be inserted into a PCI bus slot. A universal card can be placed into a PCI bus slot that is keyed for either 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt signalling. This card may also be placed in a 64-bit slot, although it will not use the extended 64-bit operation. Table 1.1 outlines features supported by the PKTx cards.

The 1784-PKTX and -PKTXD cards:

•communicate with nodes on Data Highway Plus networks, including PLC-5®, PLC-5/250?, and SLC 5/04 processors, and SLC 5/01?, SLC 5/02, and SLC5/03 processors (only via 1785-KA5)
•communicate with SLC? processors on DH-485 networks
•communicate to DH+ and Remote I/O via SoftLogix-5
•communicate to ControlLogix through a 1756-DHRIO module
•act as a remote I/O scanner

The 1784-PKTx performs data transmission, management, and local network diagnostics. The interface to the host processor is through a board-resident dual-port memory.

Rockwell Automation RSLinx interface software manages data transmission and reception through dual-port memory.
The PCI BIOS on your computer automatically assigns the PKTx card.s IRQ and base memory address (one for each channel). If your card has two channels, both channels share

The 1784-PKTx card is a PCI bus card, compliant with the PCI Bus Specification Revision 2.3. This card was developed with Plug and Play functionality, as defined in Revision 1.0A of the Plug and Play BIOS Specification. Because of this, PKTx cards do not require the use of switches or jumpers to configure their specific interrupt request levels (IRQ) and base memory address values. These configurations are automatically assigned to the PKTx card by the PCI BIOS when the computer is powered-up. The configurations are stored in the PCI configuration registers.