Ethernet/IP & Ethernet TCP/IP to DH+ / DH-485 ($1,250)

DataLink Technologies DH+ DH-485 InterfacesDataLink Technologies Gateways, Inc. is an engineering company, providing a single converter, multi-protocol gateway for (AB) Allen Bradley PLC users;  providing a one-box protocol DH+/DH-485 converter between Ethernet/IP, AB Ethernet,  ModTCP and serial (DF1, ASCII, Modbus) protocols. Custom engineering to AB Data Highway Plus (DH+) and DH-485 are available.

The GW1000 platform is a lower priced ($1,250 list), multi-protocol gateway that performs like a “mini” DH+ Controllogix gateway that can be easily converted by the client for other applications including serial DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP & custom to AB’s DH+ and DH-485.

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Thousands of GW1000 are now successfully operating around the world. You can trust our product stability & reliability. All our products come with a 5 year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee / no restocking charge.

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DataLink GW1000 multi-protocol gateway most common applications include:
Ethernet/IP to DH+ GW1000-ABEIP Functionality:
•    Ethernet  Remote Programming to Legacy PLCs: SCADA/MMI/Programming Software (RLSINX/LOGIX/VIEW,Wondware, Kepware, Citect, Intellution, etc.) packages using AB Ethernet /ModTCP Drivers can read/write data from/to multiple DH+/DH-485 nodes.

•    New AB PLCs to Legacy PLCs: Any AB Ethernet & Ethernet/IP PLC (MicroLogix, SLC 5/05, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, PLC-5E, ControlLogix) as Master will be able to send either read or write MSG (message) instructions to any DH+ PLC (SLC 5/02 SLC 5/03 SLC 5/04, PLC-5/20, PLC 5/30, PLC 5/40, etc.).

•    New AB PLCs to Legacy Panelviews: DH+ as Master allows applications such as Panelview on DH+ to message SLC 5/05 on Ethernet.

Serial (DF1, Modbus RTU ASII interface to DH+) Functionality:
•    GW1000-DHP1: DF1 to DH+ alternative to Allen-Bradley’s 1770-KF2 and 1784-U2DHP. It  also provides an external option for  the 1784-P(KTX), 1784-PKTX, 1784-PCMK or SST 5136-SD.

•    GW1000-DHPM: Modbus RTU to DH+ gateway  that allows any  DH+ node  to communicate to Modbus RTU devices in either Modbus Master or Modbus Slave mode.

•    GW1000-DHPA:  Scanners, printers, and message displays located anywhere on a DH+ network can send and receive ASCII messages to and from PLCs in other locations.

Contact us or your local AB distributor for pricing and  application details.

Low Cost AB Replacements

GW1000 Product Line

Traditional applications include:


DF1, ASCII & Modbus interfaces to AB’s Datahighway Plus (DH+) & DH485. DataLink’s more cost efficient and reliable solutions include replacements to 1770-KF2, 1770-KF3, 1784-KTX, 1784-PKTX, 1784-PCMK products. We have many customizable DH+ & DH-485 solutions for all types of AB PLC applications. Replacements to SST 5136-SD.

Low Cost AB Replacements

1784-PKTX Replacement

- communicate with nodes on Data Highway Plus networks, including PLC-5, PLC-5/250, and SLC 5/04 processors, and SLC 5/01,
SLC 5/02, and SLC5/03 processors (only via 1785-KA5)
- communicate with SLC processors on DH-485 networks
- communicate to DH+ and Remote I/O via SoftLogix-5
- communicate to ControlLogix through a 1756-DHRIO module
act as a remote I/O scannerThe 1784-PKTX performs data transmission, management, and local network diagnostics. The interface to the host processor is through a board-resident dual-port memory.

1784-KTX Replacement

1784-PCMK Replacement

DF1 to DH+ Network (DH+ DF1). Alternative / Replacement for 1770-KF2, 1784-PKTX – (1784-PKTX, 1784-KTX), 1784-PCMK or SST 5136-SD.

1770-KF2 Replacement

1770-KF3 Replacement

DF1 to DH+ Network (DH+ DF1). Alternative / Replacement for 1770-KF2, 1784-PKTX – (1784-PKTX, 1784-KTX), 1784-PCMK or SST 5136-SD. GW1000.

Newer applications include

Ethernet TCP/IP, AB Ethernet/IP, ControlLogix, Compactlogix, Micrologix, & DH+ SLC 5/05 interfaces to legacy AB Datahighway Plus (DH+), DH-485 and Remote I/O.

HMI & SCADA Applications

RSLinx, RSLogix, Wonderware, Siemens Win CC, Modicon Concept, Citect, Kepware, Intellution FIX can now interface between Ethernet TCP IP, ModTCP, & AB Ethernet IP to Legacy AB DH+, DH485 and RIO.

Our Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Your complete satisfaction with all our products is essential. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a five-year warranty on parts and service.

Product Testimonial

The GW1000-DHP1 is unbelievable….it keeps on running in the most disgusting, hazardous environment you could ever imagine. We didn’t even know what the controller was because of all the messy residue covering the box….it just keeps on working. J.S. , Gas Material Corporation. DF1 to DH+.

This device connects DH+ to DF1.